A Full-Service Mobile Auto Detalling Company

SWS Auto Detailing has served the Redondo Beach community for nearly 3 years, making us one of the innovators car detailers in the area. Over time, we have adapted our services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

From a simple car wash to deluxe interior and exterior detailing, we can do it all. Our cleaning equipment and personnel can handle any ride.


Paint Correction

Paint Correction
We specialize in scratches and swirl marks removal from poorly detailed cars.This is a skill that most mobile detailers don’t have the time or desire to perform. Anyone can shine up your car, but few can perform paint correction. Lighting, a controlled environment, and world class methods and materials, is what it takes to detail at this level. That’s where we come in. Many mobile and high volume “detailers” use low quality glazes that fill and mask scratches and swirls, we, on the other hand, correct and remove them.

Exterior Detailing


Every day, your ride's Exterior is exposed to heat, sunlight, dirt and grime, resulting in significant wear and tear. Let our specialists restore your Exterior to mint condition.

Interior Detailing

Let us  preserve and protect your vehicle's interior from premature wear and tear, proper interior maintenance and protective conditioning treatments are recommended on an annual basis.!  Click Here

Professional Headlights Restoration

Night time driving can be dangerous – especially if your headlights have lost their clarity. The headlight restoration process ensures that your headlights are shining at their brightest and your vehicle is providing you with the best possible on-road lighting. Besides the benefits of increased safety, restoring your vehicle’s headlights can transform their appearance from cloudy to clear in no time!

Headlight staining, yellowing and contamination can be caused by oxidation from salt, UV rays, and humidity resulting in dull and hazy headlights. While you can perform your own headlight restoration, you might prefer to leave this service to the professionals. Restoring your headlights takes time and patience and, if not properly executed, can scratch your vehicle.

Paint Touch-up

Being a mobile Professional Touch up service, we can fix anything from Bumpers to hoods, let us removethose awful looking scratches and rock chips from your car.

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